Tailored rooms

There is something supremely comforting about a tailored room a la gentleman’s drinking club. Sophisticated and handsome such rooms exude style, glamour, possibly a little wit  and I am obsessed with them.  How to pull them off though is the key – because you’ll be wanting them to feel edgy not uptight, relaxed not stuffy. Think European hunting lodges and big open fires, grand old art, big thick rugs all updated of course to give the space a modern edge!

The colour palette

When you think of rooms fit for a groomed gent it’s all to do with the colour palette. Think mellow colour schemes, wishy washy pales won’t pull off the look so I’m talking here about greys, browns, deep inky blues – yum, yum, yum.

The accessories

I’m thinking a mini bar with a decanter of whisky on the side; leather bound books, handsome portraits, little pockets of glowing lights. OK you don’t have to go that far but pieces that are masculine in feel and strong boned! Dark woods, lux materials like tweed and velvet cushions that sort of thing. Hang artwork on walls with gilded frames ‘super gentlemanly”, as are candles which with their flickering flattering light adding a whole other level of glamour when the light fades!

Worldly treasures.

Go overboard with books use them as part of a display on side tables, consoles, shelves, and don’t worry if you don’t have enough. You don’t need some literary library or weighty tomes, mags work a treat.

 Opulent textiles

Introduce rich textures; I touched on it briefly above with my tweed and velvet but also think faux fur, sheepskins, and cashmere, leather even, slubby woollen rugs skimming floors. Sumptuous textiles!  Add a few accents in poppy hues such as some saturated brights and just watch how beautifully they stand out against your walls. To up the sophistication level a stage further add some pattern – donezo!


Mirrors are instantly glam, they add depth, expand horizons and give the illusion of more space. Think out of the box and even go for a mirrored piece of furniture. Fancy!

Do all that and you might never want to leave!