Yay or nay with paying any interest to your zodiac signs? If you’re an astrology buff, you’ll know that each star sign is said to effect mood and say a lot about your personality. I’m not really into them but that said, (confession time) I do check my horoscope from time to time. Especially, when things are not going to plan, and I hope to see piles of cash, a move abroad, and who knows what else in my forecast?!

Without further ado:


You’re confident, enthusiastic, honest and determined, you’ll also a little adventurous, which is why pink is a fabulous colour for you! It’s strong, it makes a statement and it’s a happy hue!


You’re a little stubborn (only a little), have a strong point of view and appreciation for beauty and luxury that makes you a trendsetter. Black therefore is a perfect colour for you, it stops people in their tracks, creates an instant statement and is uber-sophisticated!


Lively, adaptable and gregarious yellow is the perfect hue to infuse your interiors with. Offering fresh appeal in its many variations its great in small bursts or the whole hog!


As a sensitive soul you’ll be drawn to nourishing, relaxing yet nurturing hues like mushroom. Not only do they spark creativity they help you re-calibrate.


Leo’s are warm, action-oriented and driven by the desire to be loved and admired. That’s why purple is the perfect colour for you. Statement-worthy and proud but also incredibly soft this mystical hue is beautiful to introduce in some accents or bigger bursts.


Intelligent, sensitive, emotional (even if you don’t show it) and you’re also practical, which is why the most neutral of hues is ideal for you! Calm, natural colours can look and feel warm, welcoming and beautiful if mixed with warm textures.