Home offices are tough to get right because they have to be practical a word I hate. For years now I’ve struggled if I’m really honest with my teal desk. I love it, so I’ve suffered for it’s beauty but it’s been way too small for way too long. I got it when the company was tiny and now as we’re expanding again I wanted something substantial. Something where members of the team can hot desk next to me and where I can spread out the many projects I’m working on right now.

On any given day I’m designing products for my own store, researching, buying from other suppliers around the globe, planning spaces such as exhibitions and our new Heal’s flower store, designing for the licensing deals and collaborations, I’ve got, writing, blogging, working on talks and workshops, on and on it goes. One of the benefits of working at home is that I am surrounded by beauty and personal thing which seriously makes me more creative. My brain can’t function otherwise. You will see from the images that I’m drawn to spaces that feel lived in and loved, maximalist rather than minimalist. I guess it depends what you’re doing in them but in the creative field you cannot help but have zillions of books for reference to inspire ideas. Weighty tomes on architecture, design, artists, interiors, gardening, oodles of magazines from around the world, brochures and catalogues, pastels and paint swatches, fabric swatches – dizzy yet?

What would your dream office look like? Mine always involves rugs, loungy chairs, lots of conflicting textures, flowers, plants, cool lighting, and interesting art. Oh and essential oils which I burn everyday. Basically anything you’ll find in my living space you’ll pretty much find in my office, and anything you’ll find in my store you’re pretty much find at home. Circles within circles hey!