I’ve noticed a slight shift in gear with my style this year. Probably influenced my new paint range. It’s hard to define but it’s more I would say glam and less kooky. So tones of charisma but still with an offbeat edge. Not that I don’t love kooky but rather than having a ton of quirk there is now just a bit of quirk. As these paint colours are more saturated, darker even and have tones within tones I’ve notice that whatever is in the room really pops. Here’s an example I used to have a rams head, papier mache elephant, vases of flowers and then a stone head on my mantle. Now I’ve got vases filled with ferns and my parrot lamp for Debenhams.

journalMore refined, still quirky ant this guy just looks amazing against the dark palette.

One thing that hasn’t shifted gear is my love of stately – who doesn’t love a lush, literary vibe. Deep squishy chair by the fire, stack of logs – effortless no? The thing with creating glam interiors is not having them look uptight. So many spaces I see do, they feel precious to done even. It’s a fine line to tread – go overly quirky and rooms can feel silly or go serious and they feel uptight!

I’ve used this image before but it illustrates my next point well. If you want spaces to have an offbeat charisma look no further than below. See how the marble fireplace is super grand and grown up. Well now look at how its been softened and taken down a notch by things being simply propped against it and not hung. The accessories feel informal because they’ve been arranged in a relaxed composition from the ferns on the floor to the propping of pieces on the mantle. Books make up part of the composition, the accessories feel arty and the plants create magic.


Talking of plants I brought a ton home with me yesterday for my shoot and I so don’t want to take them back. They transformed this house. Before in the kitchen I had roses, peonies, and hydrangea now its ferns and cactus, simple, beautiful, cohesive.

Gem and I have been a little overwhelmed with the response on the plants. Needless to say a ton more are arriving shortly, but this guy below I’m keeping can’t decide whether he should go in the bathroom or kitchen or outdoor kitchen. Maybe I need 3!