Morning I’m off to Germany on a buying trip with Gem, leaving for Heathrow in like an hour. I should be packing, showering getting myself together and instead I’m talking to you guys delaying it as long as I can. I’m not a lover of flying nor am I a fan of kissing goodbye to the kiddos and seeing their little faces peer out the window at me. However its trade show season and there is nought I can do about that!

Another weekend of shows trying to get my head around zillions of products whittling them down into something that resembles our aesthetic. Tougher than you might think.  You go a bit stir crazy at these shows after say 7 hours of schlepping around halls you find yourself sometimes deliberating over the weirdest stuff. Toy polar bear anyone?

Oddly enough we spend almost as long in the planning meetings after each day as we do at the shows. Still I am sure those meetings will be helped along by the  German beer, NOT!


I wanted to tell you guys that next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the store is closed. The store is being repainted in the new palette of colours from my new paint range which I am extremely excited about.  Also we have a ton of new stock in to place out and reveal from chandeliers, to tables, from cushions to a new collection of amazing spring flowers oh and guess what. Plants.

Faux plants to blow your mind, from the cutest little things in lovely pots to massive ferns to small ferns. Cannot wait to show you guys. Lush, tropical plants from succulents to figs of varying sizes. The plants have been in the pipeline forever and I’ve patiently waited until now to reveal, roll on next week.


Have a lovely weekend