Yesterday kicked-off the first day of London’s Museum lates, which means you can get your culture fix after-hours at some of the capital’s top museums. I love this concept of visiting museums in the evening, it adds a sense of excitement and mystery you can’t quite grasp when you are visiting in usual working hours. Plus! In a lot of the museum lates you can enjoy the events with a glass of vino in hand!

Museum lates are happening all over London at the Science Museum where they have transformed, over three floors, themed shows, talks and interactive activities to White Chapel Gallery offering free workshops, many of which are free.

For me, this is a great excuse to express my obsession for the Tate Modern. With its revised super-sized sculpture and 360-degree lookout the museuem is an art in itself. The museum is housed in a former Bankside Power Station, which was originally designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, who happens to be the architect of Battersea Power Station – another of my fav London buildings!

This space is always full-to-the-brim with exciting new installation art and performances, which I must admit, are not always everyones cup of tea. For me, the directors are always looking to push new boundaries, discover new ideas and introduce new concepts to the art world – something I like to think we do here too.

The Tate Modern, is always a place you can rely on to get swept up in. With sound-works, immersive installations and multiscreen videos that eat up whole rooms. The huge space also means you are never squished together with other visitors, so you can take your time and engage more deeply with the art.

If you haven’t already get out there and get your late night culture fix – its such a great idea.