As I’ve grown older my taste has evolved and grown up with me. Six or seven years ago you would find crazy stuff all over this house, from huge bonkers horse art (which Robbie Williams bought from us actually) to wild pink flamingos. OK, I’ve never actually gone down the flamingo route but you get my drift right? These days my taste is more refined and glamorous – which brings me nicely onto my latest current obsession, burl wood.

Burl wood is a type of fast growing, abnormal growth found on some trees. The grain has grown in what is classified as an abnormal manner often caused through injury or stress (poor trees). However, once craftspeople get their hands on the stuff you wouldn’t believe the amazing pieces they can create from this stress! Everything from picture frames to massive credenza’s. Apparently the bigger the piece the more kudos is due to the craftsman, as burl is prone to chipping and incredibly hard to work with. Looking back through different decorating eras, burl wood furniture was all the thing in regency and art deco periods, and you see it more and more cropping up in modern-day interiors too. If you spot burl at an auction house or flea market, nab it. I fancy a credenza in burl, not sure where it would go, but as G says to me almost daily “that is a different problem”!

Before I forget today and tomorrow – so 48 hours only – we are having a 20% off everything sale! I’ll be back in a bit with the promo code you’ll need to use if buying online, and your discount will automatically be applied in store.  See you shortly.