Firstly, I can’t emphasise enough, how your new pad should make you feel. For me, it is a place I retreat to at the end of the day, cocooned by the things I love. Decorating a new home takes time and often feels like an overwhelming experience.

Don’t fear, here are a few tips to help you get started:


Colour can transform a room. For me I love darker hues –inky, intoxicating, beautiful, timeless – I can’t go on about them enough. Find colours that make you feel happy and be confident with your choice!


If you’re really starting from scratch, picking a bed should be on your top priority list (it’s also a great way to shake up your bedroom style). I love adding contrasting colours and stroke-worthy textures – in our store we have sheepskins, leather, linen – to help create a real mix.


On the subject of furniture be make sure you invest in a decent sofa. Think about the space you have and if you want to indulge in a generous sofa or just somewhere you can snuggle into with a good book. For me, it’s a place I often take a nap, have a cosy chat or snuggle up in front of the fire with Maud. Your furniture is where you can choose to break the rules and make statements with rich fabrics and textures. The Wild Bill sofa is a true rule breaker in my book!


Lighting is the second most transformative thing you can do to a space. I’m obsessed with lighting. It can add depth, highlight, draw the eye – it really is a dark art – well, a light art really. In the biz, there are three types of lighting: ambient, task and accent. Don’t worry about those guys for now, (you can find out more in my Lighting Low Down) just remember to always strive to have 3 types of lighting in a room to create layers and oodles of personality.


Last but by no means least, add character. Personalise your home with the things you love. You may choose lighter colours, old artwork you found at an antiques fair – remember to make the space your own and take time to create rooms you love. It is your very own pad after all!