This is some crazy kick ass week for team AA. Everything is happening at once, sales have gone out of the stratosphere on the own label we actually can’t keep up with all the new emails. We’re working on the Heal’s space, I have a Design Class on Saturday, talking at Decorex on Tues, opening our new store Wednesday eve I don’t know whether I’m going, coming or what but there you go – its nearly October. Not that that fills me with tons of joy I’m on a plane for most of it! But baby steps each day as it comes.

Lets talk cosy evenings – something I haven’t had for a while.

Now fall is officially here its back to concentrating on our homes – yippee. I love this time of year. Days are still longish, its still warmish (OK maybe not so much this week) and but we can all plan and plot how to make our spaces as snug as a bug for the coming months.

Here are my go to tips:

Thread everything together with colour

You might have a riot of stuff but what keeps it looking cool is to connect it together through a common colour theme.

Mix up the materials

This is the trick to getting through winter I reckon – clustering hard and shiny surfaces together with lots of tactile stuff its mesmerizing. Fluffy cushions, sheepskins, velvets against metal, marble, stone – beautiful.

 Invite nature indoors

Nothing feels more calming and homey than adding plants and flowers, big branches of foliage lots of fat headed blooms that sort of thing. At this time of year I’m plumping for our wintery hydrangeas, fern branches and catkins.

 Create an intimate corner

I love creating little seating nooks all over in unexpected places. Like say a little pouf under the window sill, a small chair in an alcove– places to perch spontaneously it looks far less contrived and super cosy than if everything were in its perfect place.

 If you’re lucky enough to have a fire (my one criteria for buying and before that renting a house) then it’s the cosiest thing I know. Sometimes when it’s just me here I turn off all the noise from the radio or music and just listen to the crackling. Adore.