I say “more” because I feel like I talk about this subject a lot, but then I see soooo many mistakes! I should also point out that the image used to illustrate this piece is certainly not an example of a faux pas! In fact quite the opposite, it takes risks which in my book is a good thing. You’ll never find your unique style otherwise.

Back to faux pas and decorating mistakes. I kind of want to write a book about them – a funny little handbook with what to avoid, hits and misses, that sort of thing. Would save the world zillions in decorating mistakes I reckon. Now there’s a plan! So apart from the ones I’m forever banging on about – not enough lighting, sofas shoved up against walls, gaps between accessories (shall I go on) I’ve got a few more up my sleeve too – in no particular order…

Loud hued furniture!

I’m not talking the odd piece like a sofa or a couple of chairs I’m talking everything – chairs, sofa, side tables all the big pieces.  My main advice in not going too colour crazy with everything is that entire rooms can be held hostage by those dominate hues, so when you get bored its hard to change the vibe if the big pieces are super loud. It affects everything. Before repainting the house in my own brand I had a lot of colourful pieces. Red tables, red velvet chairs, blue teal tables and a couple of years after purchasing I went totally off them. The wow factor wore off they felt tired and too gaudy against my new own label paints which were the deepest and darkest I ever dared go! So now I add colour in small accents, which means I can forever switch up if I tire.

Putting everything in one room

Edit I say – if you put everything you love in the living room it can look like a hot mess. Now I’m the biggest fan of layers and layering things up but you need some negative space to make the big pieces stand out – simple as!

Don’t rely too heavily on matching

By all means match a few things – but think about decorating your pad the same way you would put together an outfit. Juxtapose the  finishes the textiles so that they all  work together but not match – that way it will reflect your personal style and makes your space feel so much cooler.

Easy no?