Clare Halifax – MEET THE MAKER

In our new series: Meet The Makers we celebrate women who’s work is inspired by botanicals. In the third instalment of independent makers we talk William Morris and being on the cover of Elle Decoration with Clare Halifax.

AA: What got you hooked into botanicals?

My grandfather was a keen gardener so growing up I was always surrounded by beautiful flowers. I studied Printed Textile Design, which is 90% floral pattern (10% paisley), so this gave me an early appreciation of the botanical form.

Clare Halifax

AA: Why did you choose to go into textile design?

I always enjoyed pattern and had an interest in fashion. I like the fact that in printed textiles you were learning a set of skills as well as achieving an aesthetic.

AA: Describe your work in three words.

Intricate. Stylised. Fresh.

AA: What is your favourite piece of botanical work?

I have a deep love of William Morris. He created complex design with beautiful imagery. This is what inspired my Elle Decoration cover.

“My grandfather was a keen gardener so growing up I was always surrounded by beautiful flowers.”

AA: Do you prefer to work at night or during the day, and why?

The two can run into each other depending on my schedule. If a drawing is going well I don’t like to stop just because its 6pm. You can achieve a momentum that can sometimes takes a while to get back into if you break from it.

Clare Halifax

AA: Where do you find your inspiration?

For botanicals the inspiration is readily available but places I find particular inspiring that have influenced my work are Barbican Conservatory and of course Kew Gardens.

AA: How do you choose your muses?

Resources such as magazines are excellent for keeping an idea of colour scheme and trends. I have been a long time reader of Elle Decoration, which has consistency managed to be an inspiration.

AA: What is your favourite season, and why?

Spring! Everything is coming to life with vibrant colour and smells fantastic.

Clare Halifax

AA: What is your next project?

I’m working on an animal alphabet at the moment and also continue to do work based on pictures taken at Barbican Conservatory and Tatton Park Gardens.

AA: Lastly, what is the one piece of advice you wish someone told you…

Uni pin fineliners! A lot of trial and error went into discovering that one.

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