What a beautiful weekend weather wise in London. We didn’t get out and about quite as much as planned as I was tweaking my studio on Saturday and it took way longer than planned. We’re expanding the biz (more on that in a another post shortly) so we need more room for more people. My old teal desk where I was squashed in the corner has gone (well relocated) and now I’m sitting at a beautiful long cork dining table designed by Ilse Crawford for Ikea. I’ve never had so much space on one desk, it’s heavenly!  It’s supposed to double duty as a spot where others can come and work and hot desk but I’ve kind of taken it over (oops)!

Hunker down into any design magazine across the globe and you’ll see that the eclectic look is not going anywhere. For me it’s simply the coolest style on the planet, as it looks and feels genuine and completely uncontrived. It’s one of the hardest looks to pull off since you can’t decorate-by-numbers so to speak. The trick is to pull off an eclectic look that’s beautiful, calming, sophisticated and not just plan bonkers. Worry not – here’s how to do it!


Limit your statements

If you’re referencing many different styles, not everything in the room should be statement-worthy, otherwise your space could feel a little bonkers. Reign it in and limit yourself to a few statement pieces – maybe 2 or 3. Then complement these with other pieces that don’t shout but just quietly do their job. Beautiful additions like chunky vases, little t-lights, books – stuff with no ego attached!



Find a common denominator

When combining different styles, you need a thread to hold the scheme together. I like to go with a unifying colour palette, but it could be a texture, a motif – a unifying element will help you mix almost anything and everything.


bedford brown

Think in twos

I know I keep telling you to decorate in odd numbers, and that’s definitely best for creating cool vignettes. But to rock a mashed up look you’ll need to create a sense of balance. So if you’ve got an industrial style mirror and an uber-glam chandelier, make sure each of them have another piece in a similar style for them to buddy up with – another glamorous or industrial touch in other words. An OTT hodge podge of styles can just look a hot mess, like a Chinese dresser next to a rococo mirror, near an Italian 50’s table, by a Victorian painting with a modern rug on the floor! Yikes! It makes the whole space seem calmer, more sophisticated and more cohesive if you double up a few styles.



Add some glue

The unsung heroes that glue a room together are rugs, cushions, textiles in general. Pay particular attention to these game changers you’ll be amazed at how effective they can be in tying everything together through pattern, texture or colour.

Oh and expect some trial and error not everything will work in an instant. It’s a process and it takes time. Or you’ll find you add something new and it will suddenly through a few pieces off. Like my new desk. The lamps on my old one just didn’t work with the new. I needed something with more drama, something bigger and more statement worthy. Luckily I have a few lamps to work with in this house so all the lighting got reconfigured (see why it took way longer than originally planned). Now everything looks beautiful and all is well in the hood!

Happy Monday