I’m lucky in that I have a sister who is a floristry genius and with a simple touch of her wand she turns single stems into the most beautiful arrangements.

Since we launched our flower shop (faux flower shop that is) shock horror I here some people cry we’ve taken on a whole load of contract jobs from yachts in the Med to weddings in South Africa not to mention sending bouquets of our fabulous faux’s to studios all over the world from film companies in LA to wineries in South Africa to A list celebs!

I though it might be fun to pass on what I’ve learnt from Gem, although I’m being super honest here rather than doing it myself I kind of ask Gem to put bunches together for me – I’m busy is my excuse!


Some tips below:

  1. For high impact and low involvement plop single stems into narrow necked bottles and scatter down the middle of a dining table. Super sweet.
  2. Turquoise and acid green vases are super flattering for flowers as are greys, pewters and blacks! We don’t use see through glass containers as we don’t’ like to see the stems it takes the impact away.
  3. For mixed arrangements also use foliage; its leafy, it will cut down the cost and it will make your arrangements super pretty. Use branches from your back yard.  We use euphorbia, eucalyptus and viburnum.
  4. Make your arrangement as 3 dimensional as you can, over neatness screams uptight – our plan is to make them like you’ve just picked them from the garden.
  5. Cut the stems so flower heads are toppling over the vase (stems distract the eye) plus you’ll find that the flowers will look far cooler if you just concentrate on the heads.  Unless of course the flower is all about the stem like lilac or gelda for example!
  6. Cut up the stem your flowers will absorb more water and last longer. Fact!
  7. Tie you bouquet with an elastic band it will secure your flowers and its invisible!
  8. Use clippers when you cut your flowers for this simple reason – with scissors stems tend to crack and the blooms can’t get enough water and die earlier!
  9. To support stems especially in a low container use a frog or create your own cello tape grid. I have linked to Martha here
  10. When Gem isn’t around and I can’t beg her to throw me together a bunch I go for the single colour route as it looks impactful A mass bunch of a single type of stem is high impact – I am particularly drawn to hydrangea, roses, gelda, peonies and delph.
  11. Think outside of the box when it comes to vases we use t-light holders, drinking vessels, even a tagine!


Oh and we’re thinking of running a flower master class in the fall. Let me know if you guys think it’s a good idea and I’ll sit down with Gem and try and get a date in the diary for her to hold a class in my pad.