If you flick through any magazine or take a browse through Pinterest you will spy that the coolest rooms all have open storage. Where we all go a bit wrong especially in kitchens and bathrooms is to neglect the open shelf route and put everything behind closed doors. Row upon row of cupboards will regrettably not tantalize the eye.  Yes we all have to be practical but it’s the balancing act that is so key,  balancing what is practical with what is decorative. So here are my tips on open storage.

Firstly if you can put it in any room anything from a single shelf to a floor to ceiling bookcase it will enliven any space you have.

Secondly paint the storage (if poss) the same hue as the walls or opt for a colour that fades into your wall colour and doesn’t stand out. For this simple reason you want the pieces on the shelf or bookcase to be the star attraction and elevated so to speak as everything cannot be.  I always make my storage go away by either painting out or upholstering and then the  pieces on them literally shine.

Thirdly reign in the colour palette.  The trouble with open shelving is to not make it look and feel like a hot mess so the smart guys group pieces together in a very similar colour palette. Then in order to make it not look and feel boring add the odd pop to knock it out of the park.

Fourthly try to avoid gaps or rows as I say many times. Clusters of things at different heights are the way to go and look far more sophisticated. Check out my bookcase above which I have to say is one of the best decisions I have made. Looks cool, make’s the room feel super library esq and is practical at the same time. Win win!

Fifthly . I should be making my way to the pool right now for an outdoor swim but I overslept.

Feel bad!