The eclectic trend in interiors right now is set to continue for who knows how long.  Something I am super excited about because for me rooms where nothing matches but yet somehow all make sense is a look I happen to find the most magical. The hardest look in the world to pull off because there aren’t any rules as such but by far the coolest.There are tricks us designers use to make eclectic mismatched rooms feel super harmonious and today I am specifically focusing on dining chairs. No matter the size of your dining table how do you deal with the chairs?  Having a load of mismatched chairs can look like a hot mess and too many of the same vibe can make the room feel really dull.

Here are some tips for bringing them altogether:

Mix in twos

A la Noah’s arc!  I do this all the time it will make the scheme feel more cohesive. Not every chair has to be a couple obviously you can totally have the odd loaner but it will automatically make your space feel far more cohesive and harmonious.

Same style different design

One trick many designers use is to go for the same style of dining chair but change-up the colour or pattern to add visual interest. Totally works

Different styles one colour

Conversely you can mix a whole bunch of different chairs together if you tie in that colour palette. Nail it down to one or two max and you’ll love the vibe

Same material different styles

OMG can you believe all theses different combos. Another trick we use is to reign in the material and mix up the styles, the possibilities are indeed endless!

Keep the heights similar

As much as I’m for a lively rhythm around a room I think when it comes to chairs around the dining table the heights need to be pretty similar as otherwise it can look a little disjointed. Do this and it will make your scheme beautiful.

Add an odd one

You can totally go for all the same chairs if you then plonk in an odd one. When I say odd I mean really odd it can’t relate in colour or style to the rest of them as the whole thing won’t work – see the slide show for inspiration.

Happy Wednesday, 3 more sleeps and snuggles with the two M’s until I’m off which is not such a happy thought but it won’t be for long. If it were up to me I would never go anywhere without them, very un grown up no!