Welcome to my new looking blog, delivering daily content with a totally fresh perspective, from full on inspirational design ideas to shoppable stories. All punctuated with some seriously beautiful photography. Like my designs I’ll be breaking boundaries, talking from the heart and empowering and inspiring you guys to take a leap and follow your gut. Whether that is simply changing up a room or starting a new business. We will also be showcasing work by businesses, emerging designers and start ups via my Open Call Column once every week so if you have something you want showcased email us at:

Social Media as I mentioned yesterday is changing up a gear. I’ll be resource sharing on twitter running competitions on Facebook and Instagram with something different on each channel so if you want to take advantage of sales, promotions and giveaways then follow along as I won’t always be mentioning them on here anymore!
Also as I mentioned the other day our new in house content studio develops custom content for brands should you wish to advertise. From designing banner ads to the full on content experience so whether you are a small fish or big one you can advertise here, the email for that is
Back in a mo with some seriously cool bedroom updates, I’m liking this change!