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I wanted to show you this Los Angeles pad that has been on my desktop for ever, mainly as a source of inspiration. I harbour dreams of living and opening a store in LA and when I look at this pad I literally want to pack up now and go.

It belongs to Derek Mattison and has been designed by the LA design collective Commune whose work I love. A two-story three bed dwelling in Nichols Canyon the inspiration behind the build was 60’s movie characters like Thomas Crown and James Bond. Walls are panelled in reclaimed oak and furnishings reference 60’s Brazil.The vibe I get is stylish, modern yet moody and intriguing. I love the dark palette from the rustic oak, the interesting furnishings and the indoor outdoor feel. If I could up sticks now and go this is where I would head I reckon!






Pretty inspirational don’t you think. Our new own label products that I’ve been designing totally and utterly reflect this vibe. Cool, sophisticated, timeless, they have a real LA slash Palm Beach vibe about them. There might be the odd hedgehog thrown in for good measure but hey. I know that sounds weird but trust me on this. Cannot wait to start showing you guys some sneak peaks!