Overslept until 5.45  this morning and now half the day is gone! Darn it.   I’m typing this so fast to make up for my lost hour you wouldn’t even believe it. It’s these darker mornings I reckon the body isn’t naturally waking up, guess its back to having alarms around the room to get me out of bed early and up!

Question. If like a lot of people you work at home, or even partly at home can you combine an office that integrates into the rest of your space? I’m not talking about a separate zone, i.e. the spare room or box room that looks bleak bland and a place you dread to go in. I’m talking about combining your office into say your bedroom, or your kitchen or living room, landing even so it feels like an integral part of your space. Somewhere that you want to hang out in not that you have to hang out in. There are a couple of tricks I use often so no matter if your workspace is double dutying with your kitchen or living room it will look fantastic.  The mood board above shows mine.

Storage the hell out of your walls

You’ll see from the mood board above of my pad that I’ve storage-d two of the largest walls out in my open plan studio. In one area I’ve got floor to ceiling bookshelves, which are working bookshelves I reference them regularly. To make them look even cooler I’ve turned out magazines, paintings and postcards to face the front. This breaks up the rows and rows of spines of catalogues and other reference materials I constantly have to hand.

In the second area I’ve covered a basic MDF storage unit (which my builders made up) in fabric. To take it to the next level I’ve added some shelves for intrigue so I’m not looking at doors all day long!

Get clever with built-ins

Talking of storage get clever with it. We all need built-ins or cupboards to hide stuff but I say get clever with them. I keep banging on about my one covered in faux pony (apologies) but if yours looks horrible then do something about it.  Cover it in fabric or paper or paint it out in an intoxicating hue so that it not only becomes a feature it enhances the space its in!

Choose non office-y furnishings.

Ok you might have to have a practical chair I do, but you don’t need to have a corporate desk or corporate lights! I use dining tables as desks all the time it makes the space feel far grander than it really is.  Choose good-looking pieces that are totally non office-y, lamps, chandeliers, art, mirrors even it’s a game changer.

Shut anything office related behind closed doors

Ugly office stuff is behind closed doors here at home.  I may sound like a freak but I don’t want to look at printer’s scanners and piles of receipts! Even if you can’t do that and they are out when you have other cool stuff in the space you will find your eye won’t even touch down on them.