Morning, morning.  It’s a go on India (yay hey) so Gem and I are off on the weekend which is hugely exciting. As it’s a fairly full on business trip with long days I won’t be blogging next week regrettably, for anyone attending the class next Saturday fear not. I fly back late Friday eve, G and the kiddos have promised that the house will be in order. Tidied, smelling sweet, toys in their bed, clothes off the floor - let’s hope hey. A week of those three alone, with two of the messiest boys I know Mungo and Graham I’m not sure!

Yesterday was a mammoth day in the store putting out all the new flowers and plants which I have to say are amazing. The store has never looked so incredible,  apart from a half painted floor that should be sorted by the weekend it’s upped its game in the coolness stacks I reckon! As for the paint colours – to die for! I am obsessed with this paint range it is so beautiful!

Here is the thing with this kind of decorating – I’m calling it decorating the AA way but you know what I mean, I mean eclectic jaw on the floor interiors that make you gasp, your heart skip a beat and your pulse rate increase! If it were easy everyone would be doing it!

For example we get copied quite a bit with the things we have in store, not by the cool guys (if you’re any good at retail you don’t copy, everyone knows that  because you can never keep up or win).  Instead we’re copied by the guys we have no aesthetic and find it easier to see what we are showcasing and then copying rather than finding their own voice through their own product selection. Does it bother me – nope? You can tell instantly when you look at their sites. Same with interiors – say you like my style you don’t slavishly copy every single detail right you make it your own. That is the whole point, and that is the fun part. What joy can there be in simply copying – I think its kind of unintelligent no?  I don’t get it. Anyway I guess people will always copy -  but that is what makes the cool guys cool and the copiers not cool – because they don’t know the magical ingredient.  They don’t get what it takes.

So don’t worry if it takes time pulling a room together. It took Gem and I over 10 hours yesterday to pull the store together and it’s still not finished. It will be this morning but to be successful at anything, business,  interiors, a new hobby whatever , you need to work at it. As I said in the title of this blog ‘if it were easy everyone would be doing it’!

aHappy Thursday