With Spring just around the corner, I have it on good authority (someone at the pool!!) that this weekend it’s officially arriving. So now is the time to take the opportunity to renew, refresh and transform your home for spring.

Add dimmers

Even though days are getting longer (yay hay), good lighting totally refreshes a space and makes the world of difference. Switching out static light switches for dimmable options is simple but so rewarding. And don’t forget to light the garden too – we have floor lamps, side lamps, pendants and a wooden chandelier in our back yard and it makes the space so cosy.

Update textiles

Woolly slubby throws and cushions can be switched up for linen, cotton, silk even, it’s lighter and crisper and perfect for spring. Particularly because you keep hearing all these health and beauty benefits from sleeping on silk – gorgeous glossy hair and wrinkle-free skin here I come! And even if I don’t magically become 10 years younger, I’m obsessed with the mash-up between rougher, textural blankets and the super-sleek silk look. Interiors is all about contrasts as I’m always saying, particularly with texture, and this feels really fresh for spring. I’m loving the silk bed linen from Gingerlily at the mo – I’m going for silver to steer away from the “hotel room” ivory look.



This is the single most transformative thing you can do to anything and the best value for delivering a huge transformation without spending a fortune. Just because it’s Spring, don’t think you have to go washed-out pale and light, instead go deep and dark. Dark hues are amazing in the summer months, the contrast with the outside is magical. Also you don’t have to think big when it comes to colour, impactful little details make all the difference. Maybe upgrade some old furniture with a lick of paint? I’ve just moved a console into the hallway and painted it out the same shade as the walls (Mulberry Red!) it makes all the difference.

Bring the outdoors in

Nothing enlivens a space like spring blooms, they add colour, texture and scent. You can go full on with foliage or opt for scented blooms like sweet peas, roses, and lilac. I’ve gone cactus crazy you only have to walk through the door here and you’ll bump into a couple. Plus in two weeks we’ve got all these desert inspired single stems arriving in the shop, (and my pad!) which look amazing in containers. Haven’t showed them to you guys yet but they sold out in Paris and they are amazing!

Gotta love a season change!