Full scale kitchen reno’s are expensive and a huge hassle (and more on that later…), but before you rip everything out I say you can totally up the style ante with fast, fabulous and inexpensive tricks that will transform your space. These might just make you fall in love with your kitchen again without having to renovate the whole shebang!

1452490403236_SimonCarver008Photo: Derek Swalwell

Choose an intoxicating hue

Obvs I’m championing inky dark hues here, but they seriously will make any kitchen feel way cooler than it really is! My kitchen is Crosby, but Mole, Bedford or Hudson Black a la the kitchen above would all be fabulous. If you’ve got bored of your cabinets you can absolutely paint those too, just make sure you prime them properly first.


Add a cool backsplash

A cool backsplash can completely make a kitchen. How about some brass accents, metallic or mosaic tiles, glass – splashes can instantly brighten and invigorate kitchens. I’ve flipped two of my Hampton mirrors over and they now double duty as my kitchen backsplash as well as doubling the space of the room. It’s one of the best things I’ve done in a long while to our kitchen. Oh and speaking of the Hampton mirrors – we’ve sold out at the mo but they’ll be back in stock very soon. Watch this space.

Photography: Lina Roos

Add some decorative charm

Adding some hand thrown vessels or bowls to counter tops will give the space a beautiful organic edge and up the style ratings. I’m totally obsessed with ceramics right now, they immediately add a touch of wonky charm. Just because the kitchen has to be practical doesn’t mean it can’t be beaituful too – wicker baskets for storage perhaps, or a beautiful platter as a fruit bowl, even cooking utensils can make a statement. Gem recently bought me this incredible Tom Dixon pestle and mortar, and it’s so stunning it takes pride of place out on the counter at all times! Take it one step further and add flowers or plants to soften a sterile kitchen, wicker baskets on the counter, plus art on the walls, a sparkly pendant or chandelier over the island and you’ve nailed it.



You can dress up any cabinet or door with the coolest doorknobs. I tend to use wall hooks a lot, simply because they’re larger so make an extra big statement! They easily double duty as door handles on cupboards throughout my house. (PS: as they are supersized you will need to put them on a fairly long cupboard or dresser as otherwise they could look a little odd.)