I’m thinking of adding a feature to the newly revamped blog called Why It Works. In order to get the best out of your interior you have to know how to read a room. Sound kooky? Stay with me. It’s only when you start examining other people’s spaces and drilling down into why things do or don’t work that you will build up a picture of what appeals to you.

For instance let me show you this image, do we like or not like?


I happen not to like. Now decorating is personal what one personal loves another hates so this is not about me being mean about this particular space and saying its no good it’s just not my vibe. In order to figure out what we like we have to figure out what we don’t like,  for example I don’t like:

The limited colour palette, it feels a little bland

The lack of anything circular. Yes there are a few circular pieces but not enough I feel. All rooms are generally square or rectangular so when you don’t introduce circular things they tend to feel even more boxy.

The furniture, it feels a little grandma

The texture is a little too restrained, everything more or less beats from the same drum. The tables are all smooth and shiny, the rug is a flat, the cushions feel falt the curtains as well. There is no friction in this space, and friction for me creates magic. Only in interiors that is, not in relationships!

The accessories feel too stylised and a little uptight I could go on and on but let me show you my pad below.


As I’ve already said there really is no wrong or right its all about doing what you want and because I know what I don’t want it makes it so much easier getting the design right in the first place.

I wanted circular things like this African drum which I’ve used as a coffee table.

I wanted pattern (the rug and the wallpaper reflected in the mirror). Pattern is like a herb it adds instant pizazz.

I wanted this space, our den to feel like you could just curl up on the sofa and read a mag so I deliberately choose a squishy comfortable loungy sofa.

I wanted to tantalise and you can’t do that unless you introduce colour.

Finally I’ve accessorised it with things that I love, flowers obviously, big cushions, books, t-lights -stuff. Not planted just casually arranged.

Decorating is about following your heart and doing what you want. Some people may prefer the image above to mine and that is OK. The only people we have to worry about when decorating is ourselves no one else. The minute you stop worrying about the Joneses, extended family and what friends might think is the minute your interior will feel more carefree and totally your own.

Here’s to decorating for ourselves and no one else!