You would think that I could instantly chuck together a bouquet right? Wrong, I mean I sort of can but having a sister (a genius one at botanicals at that) has made me super lazy. She’s on speed dial of course so whenever I need something thrown together I call Gem. So I’ve consulted Gem to give us her low down on the most perfect mother’s day bouquet.


Choose a focal flower that you know she’ll love. This should be something fairly big and fat headed like a rose, peony, or hydrangea. Odd numbers are best, so go for 1, 3 or 5 of these (depending on how big you want to go this year!). Bunch these focal stems together.

TOP TIP: insert the stems at an angle, so the flower head is angled away from you slightly.


Next add your second layer of flowers around the bunch you’ve just started. These will be be smaller and less focus-pulling – they’re supporting players, rather than the star act! Think sweet budded hellebore, spiraea or frothy lavender. Insert them at an angle again, this time lower down the bunch.

With our aesthetic we’re all about harmonising colours, rather than matching or clashing. Sticking within the same palette with a couple of different hues is fool-proof. So if you’ve chosen a dark plum peony as your focal bloom, maybe try lifting it with a brighter pink or lilac… or if you went for pale peach peonies a darker chocolate cosmos would add a bit of edge. Makes sense?

TOP TIP: Turn the bouquet clockwise after you have added each bloom, for an easy way to intersperse the flowers evenly.


Next, add in your foliage. Foliage is often overlooked when it comes to faux flowers, but we can’t get enough of them. And any florist knows they’re absolutely essential for a beautiful bouquet! This is the place for textural filler pieces in gorgeous shades of green… the neutrals of the flower world. It’s also great to add in some height with taller pieces.

TOP TIP: Take a bird’s eye view and look at the bouquet from above to see how it’s shaping up. You want to check the colour balance, as well as the positioning of all the flowers.



Check your bouquet to make sure there aren’t any gaps and that it’s nicely shaped and balanced. You’re looking for a rough dome shape (but nothing too uptight or stuffy!). Gem’s top tip for achieving that loose, relaxed look when compiling your bouquet is to hold the stems much lower down on the arrangement. It’s the quickest way to get that romantic, just picked from the meadow feel. The higher you take your hand up the stems the more formal (as in uptight!) the bouquet will appear. Interesting no?

Finally, secure with string or raffia, trim the ends and voila! A handmade Mother’s Day gift that will last and last forever. You’re officially going to be the favourite this year.




If this all sounds a bit beyond your florist abilities, how about just choosing a beautiful bloom (real or faux?) and presenting it with one of our sweet bud vases. Job done! You can also opt to have a beautiful flower arrangement made and delivered to you from professional flower delivery companies, like this great flower delivery Dublin has to offer.