With May bank holiday on the horizon, it’s time we start talking about table settings. First things first, crockery. I am a little obsessed with good looking crockery, it makes food look and taste so much more enjoyable. From oversized slate platters (roofing slate, dig this more deeper in here) to rugged ceramics and wooden chopping boards – these honest materials feel amazing to touch. They have a rawness, which when plopped on my marble dining table create the most intriguing story. I think it is the tension between the rawness of the crockery and the sharp refined feel of the marble. It is the friction thing, which if anyone has been to one of my classes, will know just how darn important that is.


Photo: Graham Atkins-Hughes

There’s this little place in Columbia Road called, Nom that sell’s hand thrown Vietnamese bowls, platters and cups that I regularly buy. They are beautiful to touch and go so well with a mix of crockery. (You can see one of my favourites below).  To take the table to the next level, I have a smattering of tee-lights, which with their flickering, flattering light create a whole other level of loveliness.


Photo:Nom Living

Oh, and as we’re talking entertaining here all my all time tips:

Make something in advance. Either I’ll fire up the BGE and barbie something low and slow or I’ll make a casserole – leaving me time to enjoy time with my guests.


Photo: herbs and candles

When it comes to dressing the table, its super simple: tea-lights and little glass jars containing herbs go a long way. My biggest game changer is candles (non-scented for the table) as they produce such a soft, dim, alluring light. On the kitchen island, I create centerpieces with fruit such as seasonal quinces, squash, pomegranates, and then as soon as spring rears (any day now) apricots, avocados and berries – loads of rich colours!



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