I LOVE my kitchen. It’s the place I spend winding down from the day, cooking up a storm for anytime of the day. My workspace is covered in cookbooks, condiments and hand-thrown items I love to have hanging around.

Having a happy home is all about the kitchen. It’s where you can choose to be creative or lazy – here are my 4 simple steps to creating the perfect kitchen.

Abigail Ahern


I am all about being a maximalist, but sometimes you need things to be neat. Try putting things away you don’t use more than 3 times in a week. For this, you’ll need to have storage to keep all your foodie goodies. It will also allow you to keep your cool when you have to cook for a big party of people, so you can have space for your cookbooks and all your ingredients.


I always choose things I am absolutely 100% in love with. You naturally gravitate towards things you love, don’t try and follow the latest trend and you’ll create a space you won’t want to leave.


If you can, try and create a social space in your kitchen. You’ll find it will make your space instantly more cosy and intimate.


For the kitchen you tend to focus on these types of lighting in the biz; task lighting, this provides light to perform all of the tasks in a kitchen. Ambient lighting creates mood within a space, something I love playing with. This creates the ambience when changing from a functioning kitchen to an entertaining space. Lastly, ambient lighting provides an area with overall illumination, as much natural lighting you get in the space, the better.