I would like to start by thanking everyone who attended my Design Class this Saturday. From Tel Aviv to Dublin, Belfast and beyond you were a fabulous class – thank you so much for coming along.

Question: Why is it that so many of us are good with layering in fashion but when it comes to décor we fall a little short? I mean the concept is the same – layers add instant pizzazz and cosy up a space like nothing else I know. Not just that they add dimension, depth and its so not complicated. The trick is balance – too much layering and a space can feel way too cluttered, too little and it feels sterile. So in no particular order here are my go to layering tips:


It feels far more organic and unique when you balance stuff and not get overly symmetrical. Mirror imaged compositions are so awful (sorry) they feel too contrived. Shake up the placement, the dimensions the materials – it will look far cooler and not feel like you are decorating by numbers.


If you’re decorating the AA way then gaps are our enemy. I prefer things to look more random so cluster objects in close proximity. It creates a stronger focal point and grabs your attention immediately. Butt things over, insect but never ever have gaps – if you do I may have to report you to the police and you could end up in jail!


Anything shiny or glossy breaks up dense arrangements of things and keeps any room from feeling too heavy. Add a few metallic, shiny glossy things I say. T-lights, vases, mirrors that kind of thing.


Add some flowers or foliage. It’s the perfect way to make a space feel homely and not contrived plus it adds a fresh element, I would be lost without all my flowers and plants.


Prop some pieces, hang others, stack things, lean things you’ll whole space will feel far more intriguing if you use different techniques – more intriguing to the eye as we say in the biz!


If everything were the same size it will read as a big yawn so a whole load of bulky things on a shelf is a big no no. Instead add spindly things, tall verticals, something circular. Play around with the height its far more intriguing.

It is an art form this layering lark and it needs to look effortless and that doesn’t come easily. I wish I could say there is formula but there isn’t only a  few guidelines (aka above) which will help you master the look but after that its down to you. It’s fun though hey!


I’m out of the door early this morning. Picking Gem up at Fenchurch at 6.30 and then off to Heal’s  we go. We’ve got so much to do I kind of wish we had started at 4. We are full on crazy this week. Gem and I are fully ensconced in Heal’s, preparing for our launch on Wednesday evening. We’ve got three 40 foot containers arriving from the Far East this week (even more next week) with all our new products coming in and we’re in the middle of an overhaul on the blog site. We’re so in love with the new Retail site, we’re bringing the blog in line also – forgive our appearance this week while we play around with the layout and font. I’m fussy as hell and it isn’t right yet I’ll shout out when it is – if I get anytime to review it that is! Talking of the new looking design for the blog we’re also be adding from October a lot more content – from people that inspire, to links to some fab videos, foodie stuff, music a ton more content basically. Don’t ask me where we will have the time (Sunday’s I’m guessing  like this one just passed). G spent the day in Heals working on the revamp, I lit a fire and spent 10 hours working on the blog, I got so engrossed I didn’t even realise the time!