Do any rooms in your pad make you feel unhappy when you walk into them? I’m putting my hands up here as I’ve got two on the top floor. The old school room which we’re about to convert into  a guest bedroom and the junk room which we are converting into a small studio for whenever G or I need some quiet away from the team. He to do finances, me to write my next book. It’s a small room and now that I’m addicted to putting fabric on walls I’m imagining some of them padded with a thick rug a little desk a chair by the fire and that is about it!

When you start transforming any space you can’t pull it together in an instance. I did with my new studio because one I have a warehouse to pull from (lucky me – perk of the job) but two I had planned all the stuff I wasn’t pulling from the store to arrive almost together. That however is not my point. Check out the image above,  a few years ago my downstairs space made me feel beyond cranky I got the basics right but by God I needed so much more. I had just converted to the dark side and didn’t have the confidence I have now. See how different the two spaces look and feel! What is in a space has a profound affect upon our moods, interesting isn’t it?

It’s a fact that the places we inhabit affect our thoughts, feelings and most certainly our moods. I can walk into certain spaces and feel instantly uplifted, creative, relaxed, or I can go somewhere else and feel depressed and on edge. You can see by my cranky image above that there was hardly anything in my old space to make me feel relaxed and cocooned. It felt sterile and dull.

I find it so interesting when you dig deeper into this fascinating subject about  how our surroundings totally affect our mental conditions. Do you have a space that makes you feel instantly happy? If not maybe your pad is missing a few of these elements like mine used too. Here’s how to  make your home the centre of happiness!

Plants and flowers

As crazy as it sounds a vase of flowers on the table or a few plants on the mantle can actually reduce stress, studies have shown this.  Right now I’ve just realised that I’ve got nothing on my desk so I’m whizzing downstairs to go pick some hydrangea from the garden to uplift!


Lighting is one of the most transformative things you can do to any room, period! If you have only one light source (the ceiling pendant) I’m reckoning you’re not so happy. Task lights are essential for making a room feel balanced, harmonious and beautifully lit. Think little pockets of glow around the room, any pendant or chandelier casts a super unflattering light so its needs a lot of lighting buddies to make it feel cool.

Take the focus off the TV

If yours is the main focal point then yuk they are ugly as hell  and it’s no wonder you’re reaching for the whisky bottle the minute you walk into your siting room. If the TV is the main focal point distract the eye with another more statement worthy something or other. A huge piece of art, a mirror, a colourful textile – anything to distract from that fluorescent screen!

Add colour

Colour is clever it can totally make you feel happy or sad in an instant. Some hues don’t feel inviting so if your room is making you feel a little sad think about changing up the colour to something relaxing, cocooning, sophisticated and glamorous – dark hues of course. Hello!

Break up solid hues

Solid hues need breaking up so if everything like the sofa, the rug, the walls are all solid colours with no injection of pattern then more chances than not your room will feel super uptight and flat. Mix in patterns to add personality it’s the easiest trick in the decorating book.

Oh and listen rooms will always evolve with this kind of decorating you are really never done but that is the fun part right!

Here is too having the happiest homes on the planet!