Trends come and trends go but there is one trend that keeps coming back into fashion- that is the cross. Design has gotten holy! Cross-adorned bedding, vases, cushions, paintings, rugs  are everywhere. It’s been big in fashion forever, touted as edgy, rock chic and cool it has adorned everything from t-shirts to jewellery. It has its critics of course, some find it disrespectful, I happen to love.

Its super easy to DIY it – just by looking at these images below, I’m so tempted to get out some board and  paint and have a go. What’s more its subtle pattern will visually wake up any interior. The trick with trends of course is to (A) love the design in the first place and (B) not overdo it.

All the images I could find as you’ll see below were your typical black and white scenario, but I reckon all those cushions, throws and paintings would look more tantalising if the feel wasn’t so conventionally Scandinavian. Put a cross cushion in a glam interior and see what happens, or the painting or swampy bottom of the lake greeny grey walls, beautiful. Then you’re talking!





See what I mean about the black and white decor, too conventional I feel!