Morning, I’m having to write super fast as G and I are off to the store to install a new chandelier that I’d discovered in Paris. It’s beautiful, cannot wait to see it go up. We have a flash sale going on today, including a two seater George Smith velvet/mohair loveseat which I have adored for years. But now that our own label has arrived, there is simply not enough room for everything! Some cool chandeliers, a mouth blown amazing supersized table lamp which I am reluctant to part with but G is insisting I cannot keep a stock room in the house. Apparently we need a space for guests (do we really)? Therefore I’ve been a bit ruthless in what I am parting with, and this is definitely the final flash sale before January. We keep arguing because I keep having second thoughts and want everything out again. Anyways, it goes live at 11 and many things are one-offs, unless of course I pull a few items out!

Trends are funny things, I get asked a lot what mine are, but I’m always a bit reluctant to answer as I don’t really follow them. I think there are so many advantages to running a business, and one of them is not being influenced by what is cool or hot, in or out. It’s tough when so many others follow them, you kind of feel that you’ve jumped head first into the deep end but standing by our own voice has stood us in pretty good stead.

That said there are certain decorating trends that continue to dominate and make the biggest difference. These are the trends that I’m all on board with, especially as we are speeding headfirst into Autumn, when we all want indoors to seem magical!


Bringing outdoors in and vice versa

Whether that’s decorating more with foliage and branches or accessorizing your outdoors space with inside stuff, I love the merging together of outdoors and in, especially at this time of year. The more greenery indoors the better I say – it makes the transition between seasons not nearly as bad!

Gold reigns supreme

You only need to check out our homepage to know how obsessed we are with this hue right now. Like all metallics, light bounces off it beautifully, it reads as sophisticated, glam and very upstate NYC. We’ve got amazing lamps coming in in gold, chairs, vases, it’s bling bling bling all the way! Big tip though – be sure you temper the gold with softer things, otherwise it can all look really harsh. Rugs, cushions, wicker, and anything that rubs up against it is good to pair with metallics.

Fake it

I am obsessed with fauxs, be that flowers, plants or fabrics.. Nothing pleases me more than dispelling all those snooty old myths about them! Nothing better than a faux ponyskin wall I say. Anyone who has been to a recent Design or Retail class will have seen my new wall in the studio, and know how obsessed I am! As for our faux flowers and plants, they are absolutely everywhere in this house and they have turned it around.


Pineapples are big and have been for a while, from the catwalk to prints to accessories. I adore our gold pineapple wall sconces, they’re still one of my favourite pieces in store. They’re specially cool at this time of year, they look so luxe on the walls of my studio that I’m thinking about putting them everywhere, now that it’s getting darker earlier.


I think the thing with trends is only buy into them if you love them. That’s what I do. I don’t worry if something is “in” this month and out the next, interiors are not like fashion, rooms don’t constantly need to change. Yes, add to your rooms and let your space evolve, but you don’t need a floor to ceiling new look every season.

Right I have to dash the M’s are at the door and G is pacing and here I am yabbering to you guys. Hope you find stuff in the sale, goes live at 11!