Before we kick off today’s post I would just like to say the biggest thank you to you guys for such positive feedback on the new looking blog. It’s made all the hard work so worth while, in fact we are a little overwhelmed with the response.  The stats this morning made me almost fall off my chair and scream ‘say what’!

Today I thought I would talk about mixing styles in that eclectic way which we all love to do. It’s an extremely hard thing to pull off (not trying to put you off here) because nothing matches BUT YET your room has to make perfect sense and feel beautiful, calming, glam, relaxing rather than bonkers.Mixing styles isn’t so much a science (that’ the good news),  meshing together say a grandma looking dresser with a modern mirror is pretty easy when you know how, you just have to know how!

Worried? Don’t be all the guidelines you will ever need are below:

Restrain your colour palette

In order to keep things cohesive you will need to restrict how many colours you use in a room, I would say go for three, maybe, occasionally four but no more. If everything is a different colour and fighting for attention the room will feel like one big hot mess! Using a restrained palette around the space means you can literally put anything with anything. Right now I’m looking at a wicker elephant side table, hanging out next to a vintage desk next to an Ikea console. It all works because the palette is either grey or brown. Easy no?

Add some laid back accessories

Not everything in the room should be statement worthy otherwise  your room will feel and look a little bonkers. When it comes to accessories I go for pieces that quietly do their job, chunky vases, little glass t-lights, the odd bit of sculpture in a fairly inky sludgy palette. Beautiful but with no ego attached so they’re not all muscling each other out-of-the-way to grab the limelight.

Don’t theme

it’s kind of best if you don’t theme, so any coastal or Scandi themes  you have in your head bin them, like now!. By all means be influenced by things you love but the minute you start going shell overboard lets say,or filling hurricane vases with sand or pebbles and plonking them everywhere you’re have the style police knocking on your door ready to cart you off!

Keep materials cohesive.

As we are pulling from so many periods and styles we need to restrain the material selection a tad, the exact same thing we did with colour  actually. For example mixing pine, oak, cherry, teak together all in one room will feel confusing. So like colour rein it in, your space will feel far more cohesive as a result.

Remember you can absolutely mix anything with everything, I do. Where many people go wrong is in thinking this anything-can-go way of decorating is just about throwing it all in a room and you’re done. WRONG you have to think it out and bring cohesion through colour, texture, shape. Simple as!

See you in a bit x