I have a confession to make; it’s a big one so you had better all sit down.

I’ve kind of gone off dark interiors! I know its radical, as I’ve been obsessed with dark for a long time.  Maybe its something to do with spring and the stronger light but I feel like painting everything over. I’m thinking pale milky hues, rumpling up some linens, distressing a bit of paintwork and I’ve thrown together a few inspirational pics above and the look is really growing on me, see what you think?

It’s definitely a simpler vibe. For this look I’d need to strip away a lot the embellishments (AKA stuff) really reign it in and champion a few select pieces instead. Maybe a few accent pieces in soft colours like smoky pink, blue, even mint green, mixing traditional forms with warm patinas with the odd bit of modern. Kind of cool no?

What do you reckon?