I am taking a little blogging break, back on January 5th but before doing so wanted to thank you guys so much for reading, following, commenting and being so very much part of my world.

For all those who did our online Retail Class I hope all your businesses will be super successful going into 2015 and for anyone who attended my Design Classes throughout the year thank you so much for attending.

This blog although not really part of my main business is really important for me. You guys pick me up when I’m down, with all your comments, kind words and inspiration! So I wanted to thank you all for the time you take to read and interact. I appreciate it all so much and wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

January is a hugely exciting month for us.  After a year in planning and production we are launching our new own label collection in Paris. A 75-piece collection of furniture, art, lighting, textiles, and accessories all rocking a little cowboy vibe! G and I are working on it for most of the holidays so alot more on that in Jan.

And the blog’s just as exciting, because I’ll I’m kick-starting the New Year off with a whole month of makeovers! So if you have any rooms needing a revamp or are slightly unsightly you can send in any photos you have of your problem rooms. The ones I use on the blog will get my personal breakdown of how to tackle the dilemma, along with a mood board of ideas and a £75 voucher to spend in store. Email in your pics to design@abigailahern.com, or if you want to send them via Facebook or Twitter, use #AAStyleClinic. Fun hey!

Happy holidays once again, and see you in January.