I don’t think it’s ever possible to  have too much art. Collecting it gives me more pleasure than almost anything else I think. Some of my art collection is from galleries some of it from artists directly but also a lot is from auction houses and flea markets.  I wish also eBay but I never seem to find anything- maybe it’s a patience thing, or I’m messing up with the search!

I am particularly drawn to leaning and layering art as well as hanging it, but there is something about leaning art that lends a casual air to your space. It feels cooler somehow to have art layered and simply propped. Plus when you group en masse you’re never spending very long looking at one particular image, rather your eye sees the installation as a whole which means that kids drawings, flea markets finds, tear sheets from magazines all look fabulous in this arrangement.

One image that stands out time and time again for me and is my most favourite space in the world belongs to the very talented photographer and designer Piero Gemelli. Piero is a master in layering; I adore his collection of art. See   how it’s propped on a stack of magazines, nestled down on the floor even, layered on the windowsills  – love love love. Casual, clever and super cool!


Have a lovely day. I’m off to an early morning Pilates session, woke up feeling the grumpiest of grumps and have no idea why. Hoping this might snap me out of it!