Awkward shaped rooms can often fill us with fear, or at least some people with fear. I happen to be quite attracted to them! With the trend to continually knock down internal walls to create bigger, huger spaces I think we loose something - intimacy. I’ve seen countless open plan rooms that don’t work way more than ones that actually do.  So if you happen to have an awkward room fear not because there are lots of things you can do.

Let me show you a kitchen designed by Ilse Crawford for an apartment in Hong Kong.  Its simple, its luxurious and more than anything else when you look at the space the first thing you think is not how small and gallery like the kitchen is but how luxurious the space feels.



iSome simple tricks to take such spaces to new heights:

Trick the eye. If the space is small take the emphasis away from that element by making it supremely cool so when you enter the space you do not think about the restricted space you think instead about how cool the space is.

Go glam. The minute you add a glamorous vibe to a space like a kitchen with detailing like bamboo kitchen units, gold, glass that sort of thing is the minute you elevate it to new heights. Think of all those hotel bathrooms or bedrooms we have been in that are supremely tiny but beautifully designed so we don’t think about the limitations because we are blown away with the detailing. The tiling, the cabinetry, the toiletries. The devil as they say is in the detail.

Oh and before anyone says – yes but this look must cost a fortune and there is no way I can pull such a luxurious look off on a limited budget, then let me show you this kitchen designed by Ally. Ally has a blog called From the Right Bank where you can find out more about this revamp. Get this these units are covered in wallpaper, and its only 45 bucks a roll! Totally genius an amazing job Ally I am literally blown away!

This is the before:

marbe before

And this is now:

marble after