Adding texture is one of the most transformative things you can do to your space. I know I talk about texture a lot, but the visual impact it has on  a space not forgetting the tactile impact is incredible. Simply put it makes rooms more interesting and the best thing, as I say a zillion times a day – you can never overdose on it. You never need to worry  have I gone to far!

Think of texture as dressing up your decor and I’m not talking just hand-tufted rugs here or oodles of cushions on sofas. I’m talking gilded frames, smooth wood, hand thrown vases, maybe some wicker. I think we forget just how impactful texture is as you  can totally use it to create ambience – if you gravitate towards feminine interiors then lots of soft fine fabrics, smooth woods and shiny accessories will do the job nicely. Conversely if you’re more attracted to the masculine feel (moi) then think a combo of rustic metals, rich woods, velvet sofas that kind of thing.

The thing to point out with texture is because its subtle it doesn’t have the pulling power of pattern you’re eye will not automatically dart to it unless you do this – up the anty with the contrast of textures in a room. Rather than blend cause friction and put as many  different textures in a room as possible. Its the opposites attract approach so you’ll want to be pitting rough against smooth, super glossy against nubby and coarse against fine.

I should also say that texture doesn’t have to be felt to be sensed, you can create texture through paint after all its the visual effect that we are after. So maybe a glossy painted out ceiling and matt walls all in the same hue (obliviously). Texture is never going to have the same impact that pattern does, but then not everybody needs to shout the loudest to be heard right! Some people quietly do what they do and that has just us much impact as others shouting from the rooftops.

Both these images are of Doub Hanshaw’s pad in Philadelphia and shot by Graham Atkins Hughes. I was blown away with what Doub did to her space, once a garage she gutted it and created a home that feels immediately welcoming. Smooth concrete floors, lots of rough wood, mirrors, different fabrics. Clever – its a game changer texture – should be up there as one of the most important things we do to spaces!