I love talking about colour I could bang on about it ’till the cows come home’, a phase I love, my late grandfather used to use it often. He was a farmer.

Colour is personal I get that, what I may love you may hate and vice versa. Yet there is a whole bunch of hues that no one but the very brave go near, I’m talking reds, oranges, purples, browns even. Today I thought I would give a shout out to those underrated hues. You don’t have to paint your pad top to toe in them, and no doubt there are a zillion different opinions on whether you should but I happen to think summer is the perfect time to rethink those neglected hues.


I’m not quite sure why brown is as underrated as it is. I guess lots of people think its drab but I’m quite the opposite. I think its cosy and sophisticated and it makes me want to hunker down and read a good novel. Looks fabulous anywhere small and when its partnered with burnt caramel, orange any kind of green or blue for that matter it will knock your space out of the park!


Not for the faint hearted this hue,  I can remember when aubergine was all the range. Infact I even painted a wall out in it on the lower ground and hated it so much I repainted it the very same day. The key with this kind of hue is to lux up the luxury level by partnering it with burnt gold, grey, copper even. I prefer it when there are doses of black within so it almost goes into a blackberry.


I don’t know about you guys but tomato-y red on walls scares the hell out of me. I’m more of a slow cooked down blackberry or cabernet actually I love it with black running through it like I just said which is why I am a little obsessed with our Mulberry red. If you going brighter good on you. Red is great as an accent think small occasional tables, vases, mirrors and so forth. It may not be on trend but the minute you go down the what’s in what’s out route is the minute trouble occurs. Forget trends and follow your heart is what I say!


I’ve saved the worst till last I have such a love hate relationship with pink it’s such a hard hue to make look sophisticated in my book. Anything pastel ish has me running for the hills but add a bit of brown in it like the hue on the image above and I’m in. So in!