Personal style is a term used a lot in decorating circles. You can’t exactly define it, its personal after all but it refers to spaces that are  full with furnishings and accessories that reflect the owners personality!  I came across Nicky Haslam’s pad in T magazine not so long ago and his space pretty much nails personal style. I love,  not so much the aesthetic more the irreverence of it. It’s ballsy, its brave its eccentric and its personal. For anyone who doesn’t know Haslam decorates the homes of the rich and famous Jagger, Saatchi , Ringo Starr to name but a few.

What makes this space even more interesting is Haslam’s love of fakes. For someone who could buy a Warhol just like that its kind of refreshing to see  resin falcons painted out to look like porcelain ones in the living rom, faux plants, faux marble panels and faux Warholesque portraits everywhere. What this does is tantalise the eye you look at the images and you can’t quite figure out what is real and what isn’t. I love how someone in the big league just goes with what he loves and doesn’t give two figs about the bad wrap fakes get. It’s a playful space, pieces are opinionated, fun and flamboyant. That to me is what decorating is all about, throwing caution to the wind and doing exactly what you darn well want, pushing a few envelopes along the way resulting in a space that is so personal you actually end up never wanting to leave!

All photography Simon Upton


Love love love the door handles.


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