We are obsessed about florals and botanical’s here at AA  as I am sure you guys know. I am forever banging on about them. BUT its not just me, also our customers globally based are ordering them to fit out their houses in the Med, pads in LA, sky rises in NYC, country homes in France, apartments in Dalston all over they go! If there was ever a time to get excited about florals its spring I reckon. Our latest S/S range has just come in and it’s amazing, can I say such things? Think roses, hydrangea’s, peonies, blossoms, ferns on and on I could go. The palette shouts sunshine; buttery yellows, warm creams, pinks.  It’s a funny time of year this transitional bit when its not quite winter but its not yet spring so I find flowers are the perfect way to get into that spring feeling early if you like.

I love (although the headaches it causes I will not go into) that we can barely keep up with the demand especially now with our own label plants are going to retailers all over  the world. Each morning as I creep downstairs to write this blog to you guys I have a quick look at sales that have come in overnight and it’s a little overwhelming in a very good sort of way. Who would have thought about four years ago buying a few flowers as a prop would have lead our company down a path that is about to become life changing! More on that in the not too distant future. For now happy spring and I hope you love our new collection as much as I do!