I was listening to an episode of Gardeners’ Question Time on Radio 4 not so long back and the question of outdoors kitchens came up. What did the panel think of them? Short answer they all sort of poo-poo’d them. Outdoor kitchens were pretty thoroughly lambasted actually as a “trend of the moment” – the panel weren’t keen at all! I suppose they’re all about a simpler option like a little barbecue to cook on and an upturned apple crate to sit on – very “Good Life”.

It got me to thinking that it’s funny how some things are so of the moment, and then after a bit they’re out of favour again. Remember how years back water features were all the rage and now they’re kind of mocked? Well outdoor kitchens got the exact same sort of reaction with the panel.

I can see what they mean to a degree, I’m not a fan of the overly polished blingy kitchen stuck on the patio but I am a little obsessed with cooking outdoors. Anything that makes you stay in the garden longer works for me! I don’t like the feel of really slick fridges, ovens and sinks in the garden, it disconnects a little too much for me with the elements (personal obviously). I happen to think cooking outside should be a little bit more of a primitive affair.  It’s far more fun in my book to cook on an open flame – give me some wood, a pair of tongs and a beer and I’m happy as Larry! These outdoor kitchens all do it for me, and I must say I’ve never enjoyed our garden more since we got the outdoor kitchen.

Obviously it’s all a matter of personal taste and there’s a real variety of kitchens to see in the slideshow. So what do you think – outdoor kitchens, yay or nay?