Decorating with maps is something I’ve kind of avoided. Not sure why maybe it’s those pastel pages that cause the problem although if you check out the image above the maps are really rather cool. It’s a trend that I’m seeing more and more of – map tastic décor and wondered what you guys think? Are you in or out?

You can apply map pages to literally anything from walls to floors maybe even going all decoupage and layering up a side table or trunk. I’d be inclined to plump for vintage maps so the pages felt less new and a little more lived in and loved. I’ve seen a lot of bathrooms Stateside decorated with maps on the walls – I like the idea for a powder room totally unexpected and über global!

What do you guys think?

I’m off too Pilates I’ve been desk bound for long hours all week had zero exercise and feel achy and a lump. Nice!

Back later with another blog post which I’ve shamelessly neglected to post all week due to the crazy schedule – but two things are a changing. More exercise and two blog posts a day! If I tell you guys I’ve got to do it right! Plus its not like I’m running the country it’s just a business – so today is ‘getting a grip Thursday’! All those things I haven’t been doing I’m doing!