Morning, or bonjour as I have been saying of late. Back in from Paris and back home with the M’s. Tired both emotionally and physically but happy. apologies for not posting anything of our stand on social  it was full on crazy. I don’t think Gem, G or I have worked so hard ever! However launching the collection in Paris has to have been one of the most exciting things we have done. Buyers from around the world have brought into it, from Australia, to Italy, France to the Middle East. We have been a little overwhelmed, especially with the reaction from the press, so the hugest thank you to everyone. There were a few hiccups with the build none of us realised how long it would take (not helped with the fire in the Euro tunnel) with 6 hour delays, or me getting stuck in a jam taking the M’s back to my parents when the M11 shut down (5 hours on there)! We worked till midnight, we laughed we cried or at least I did but we made it, we are officially launched! I will be posting a few pictures today, as I gather myself together. Then later in the week I will give you the link to our new brochure which looks fantastic and show you all the pieces that are about to go in store. Some of the team are still in Paris, as today is the last day. G has the longest day out of everyone as not only is he on the stand all day he and some of the other guys are on pack down after a full day of trading and then a drive through the night home. Tough!

Anyway lets talk plants seeing as our new faux plants were the most successful out of everything at the show!

You’re not going to get full marks on the design-ometer without some flowers or plants in the room! I am the hugest fan of plants, in fact my obsession led me to launch  my very own collection of the most fabulous faux cactus EVER. From tiny little staghorns to giant oversized cactus which we have nicknamed the Big D, it’s a jaw on the floor collection of plants that has totally changed up my interior (and very shortly my store)!  Any flowers or plants will always brighten a room, so this is probably the easiest ever way to boost your design-ometer score. But rather than just thinking of plants as an accessory, think of them as a design element in their own right. Here are four reasons to decorate with them:

They add instant life.

I often use plants instead of furniture so if I want to enliven a nook rather than plopping more chairs into the scheme or squeezing in a side table, I add plants. That way I get that intimate feeling without the space appearing overcrowded. If you happen to pop over here for coffee you will find almost any surface decorated with a plant, from tiny single stems to the Big D’s!

They soften spaces.

Plants add texture and as any one knows who reads this blog, texture is a game changer. So for example my lower ground floor has a lot of hard elements think concrete floors, double height glass windows etc. but all my fauxs soften all that. For years this space felt too harsh and sterile, but now with things in front of windows and plants everywhere it feels like my own magical world!

They can be used as dividers.

I am not a fan of large open plan spaces; at least I am, but only when they are broken down into lots of smaller vignettes so they feel cozy not uptight. One trick I use a lot is to use plants as dividers. They are the perfect solution for breaking up larger spaces, by screening things from view and adding a punch but not feeling too heavy.

They help balance your scheme.

I believe a room should have more than one focal point so I use plants as focal points, which balance my scheme. Remember to get a room to work it’s not about creating perfect symmetry or having everything the same size (far too dull) it’s more about balancing the visual weight of the pieces.

Happy plant decorating! They will definitely help you transform any unloved space into a place that makes you happy and you want to hang out in. And if you don’t already have any, treat yourself to some flowers too!