Stay with me on this. I know it sounds headline making but I really do believe when you go looking for gaps you’re almost thinking too small. Think big and rather than seeing a gap, create a new market.

I’m not talking about inventing something new, I’m talking about thinking differently about the product you are launching and creating a new market for it.

We’ve reworked plastic flowers, we call them faux botanical’s. We manufacture foraged, wild meadow and garden flowers as well as trailing fronds and foliage’s – not to mention plants. We’ve reinvented the class for faux flowers, from the lines we sell, to the curation. Everything we produce sits exquisitely with the collection, so nothing is out-of-place.

Photo:Our hydrangeas blanc

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Photo: Our hydrangeas green

From Gem’s experience in the flower industry, we knew we wanted to bring the very same sensibility to faux flowers. We realised early on that there isn’t one place who can do everything we wanted. It has taken a while to get here, and we are now introducing more heirloom and rare breed varieties. We are super-excited about this idea!

We then curated our spaces to look like flower stores. We keep things pretty seasonal and we have experienced florists who design and create amazing bouquets and installations. We have just finished the flowers for Deliciously Ella’s cafe’s, Mae Deli, as well as a host of restaurants, weddings and hotels.


Photo: Mae Deli, Deliciously Ella 

We also invest a lot of time on our photography. It gives our faux’s credibility and relevance. We run flower classes (like fresh florists do) and are obsessed with getting as many people excited about them as possible. Why? Because they’ve totally changed our houses, stores, and I know my pad wouldn’t look anywhere near as cool if it weren’t for the faux’s. Check out our range of faux botanicals for a little inspiration.

Everyone thought we were crazy with the faux thing, but we stuck with it, and have recreated a new wave of botanical’s.

My point is don’t scramble around looking for a gap, create a new one. Create your own space, define it, market it and make it your own. We have and it’s fabulous!

Oh, talking about botanical’s the wonderful BBC Gardeners’ World are featuring my garden tonight, Friday 21 April  – BBC2 at 8.00pm. Be there or be square! Or if you miss it – catch it on BBC iPlayer instead!