Morning! Before kicking off the week thank you to everyone who attended our Retail Class on Friday. Fabulous bunch of people with some cool business plans – cannot wait to see what happens with them. Going forward we were actually thinking of running an online retail class, as I know many people around the world cannot attend the 4 we hold each year in London. I should have details on that later in the week.

We had a fairly quiet weekend, as both G and I (but not the M’s regrettably!) are running on low. So we pottered and moved stuff around the house. Our samples are arriving thick and fast for our own label, so I couldn’t stand it any longer I took them out from the top floor and started styling up around the house. Anyone who follows me on Instagram will see I’ve gone cactus crazy on our lower ground floor. I moved a few pieces out including a chandelier and a lovely love seat by George Smith but sadly the house isn’t big enough for it all! So talking of which, this means there is another flash sale this week. It goes live on Thursday. I’ll keep you posted as to the time, but many of the pieces from the house are in it, so be sure to check it out!

Now let’s talk first impressions. Considering that they do actually count and are super important, I think we need to pay more attention to our hallways and entrances. The minute you open your door to neighbours, friends, the mail carrier, passing Jehovah’s witnesses, they should all be wowed. Forget about them actually, even you should be wowed. You should love getting home in the evening to that amazing entryway and hate leaving it in the morning! The minute I enter mine I feel like I am transported to my own magical abode.

Forget about the size of your entranceway, big, small, light, no light, whatever – you can always enhance it and push it further. It’s so easy to do, because in most cases the hallway or entrance is the smallest space in the house, and so it’s relatively easy to get right.

Diminish the clutter

Start with editing. House anything untidy like umbrellas, extra shoes, sports gear, maybe the odd cardi, into a container like a basket or trunk. It means you won’t be looking at a hot mess. You can stash baskets under consoles, or put a trunk in the centre of the hallway which can also double duty as a perch. You can hang cool hooks on the wall for coats, store shoes along a bench, the possibilities are indeed endless.

Add some furniture

No one believes me on this, especially if their hallways are small but adding a super skinny console or a table is just the biggest game changer. First up you can accessorise it with lamps, sculpture, art, a scented candle maybe and secondly it gives you a surface to plonk the mail, plop the keys down, and try to keep things tidier! Also X-benches are fabulous for hallways, because they are small, beautiful and a great little decorative add-on especially when upholstered in a beautiful fabric. Check out the slide show!

 5 minute finishing touches

Rugs skimming floors, artwork on walls, fancy lighting – all the sort of stuff you would put in your living room, put in your hallway. Not only will it illustrate your personal style it will make your hallway more fun to be in.