Cannot sleep which is crazy as this is the busiest month of the year and the hours are so long so I really need too. However here I am at 4.30 in the morning with so much zooming around my brain that I couldn’t lay in bed a moment longer. What is that about? Worse I have some kind of eczema on my eyelids which I last got when I filming a TV series and beyond stressed so that is really not good, they feel so darn heavy and look red – great! Enough about me banging on about my ailments lets talk about must haves for your first pad – actually this post applies to any pad for that matter. Whether you have just graduated and you’re moving into a new abode for the first time or you’re upsizing, downsizing moving countries, there are fundamental items that are worth purchasing to help create a foundation.

Side Tables

I cannot get enough buy enough or look at enough side tables. Side tables are game changers. I think side tables are like earrings they dress a room up or down. Don’t think of them as purely being practical- holding the right lamp or offering a handy surface on which to set down that Friday afternoon cocktail. Think of them like amazing pieces of jewellery. Some of my side tables shout out and make a statement others recede. Some are gold, others are marble others roughly hewn wood.   Experiment with them and put them everywhere. Under consoles, flanking sofas, on their own in a corner. Everywhere and anywhere oh and don’t match them to anything else I don’t!


There is something inherently comfortable about bookshelves they can house books obviously but also all those decorative objects that will make your home feel way more cosy. You can simply float a few shelves on a wall or go for a fee standing bookcase.

A good sofa

Over time your taste changes – I’ve gone for parenting neon elements with dark hues to completely pulling back and using the odd bright purely as an accent. What hasn’t changed though are my upholstery pieces.  Whether you find a vintage piece or splurge on a good sofa it should stand the test of time and stay with you forever. I spend a lot of time and research on the upholstery pieces as they are not something I want to constantly switch up. Case in point my sofa which is one of the first things I brought and it’s been with us for 14 years!

Table lamps

Table lamps are game changers not just a necessity but fundamental for creating atmosphere and mood. I have let’s just say more than 12 on lower ground floor (I can here the gasping of breath)! They come on when dusk turns to night quietly glowing and creating the most amazing pools of light. You can never have enough in my book I’ve got vintage ones, my flocked ones for Debenhams, ones we picked up for our first house in America years ago I keep adding to the collection.

At least the next time you go apartment-seeking like those apartments for rent in tampa palms fl, you already know what to buy to complement those apartments.

Have a lovely day I’m off to the store we are doing a spot of re-jigging!