Morning or afternoon depending on where you are in the world! We are so close to the new tweaks on the blog I cannot wait. It won’t be that different from this one except there will be slideshows (yay hay) and new columns. I’m bringing Open Call back so once a week I will highlight  cool work from around the globe.  If you are a designer, artist and you fancy your work being shown on here and all my social media channels then email

I’m starting a new section called Business School. I get so many emails from people wanting to start their own business and I know many can’t attend our Retail Class so once a week there will be little nuggets of insider knowledge from me on starting, maintaining and pushing your business. Plus we will profile businesses that have just started out and or have been around a while and are doing phenomenally well. I never stop learning with this business so it’s a column I am hugely excited about. Also there will be the usual column on Design as well as columns on Paint and Current Obsessions! I have many like coffee, craft beer, cabins, mirrors, gardens, on and on I could go. I will stop cannot give it all away right!

So down to biz, lets talk finishing touches. FT’s are one of the most important components in the decorating puzzle think of them like adding jewellery. Finishing touches add personality, your personality actually reflecting where you’ve been, what interests you have that sort of thing. I find that its never finished, ever you think you’re done and then you happen to come across something like I did on the weekend (a wooden sculpture) and you add it to the space and it takes it to a whole different dimension and off you go again.

Paintings are a finishing touch I am obsessed with. Bare walls can be a bit boring so add a painting or paintings. They enhance walls with colour, texture, pattern and can act as a focal point or as you will see below simply draw the eye. Plants and flowers I talk about all the time so I won’t say anything more other than they are one of the most transformative things you can do as you will also see below. Without those plants this corner would not look half as cool!

catus y

All the other stuff like cushions, ottomans, mirrors, rugs, vases, plates, porcelain, carved wooden pieces all add points of interest. The trick is to tantalise the eye. If you can walk into a space and read it and look around it in a second it will not feel cool. However if your eye stops, starts, alights, fast tracks, slows down then you’ve nailed it. The plan is when someone enters they literally don’t know where to look as their eye is getting pulled around in a zillion different directions!

catus y1Photography by Fabrizio Cicconi.