If I were in the real estate game I would tell you that selling a home can be challenging; buyers want shiny pruned hedges, glistening floors, the latest gadgets, freshened up white paint on walls on and on I could go.

I think sometimes we put off decorating decisions because we might potentially sell our homes at some point in the future so its easier to play it safe!  I think we should decorate for now, fine if you’re thinking of moving in a month or two but don’t not paint something because in a year two you might move, plus buyers might love your look!

Both my sisters were told by estate agents that dark houses would never sell and both got offers within hours! We even had someone knock on our door and ask if she could buy the house with everything in it. She sneaked a peak from the street loved the vibe and wanted the whole shebang – we didn’t sell obviously. I guess what I’m trying to say is decorate for now not because you might or might not be moving in a year and even if you are I reckon you’ll set your house apart and people will fall in love with it. Maybe I’m a bit extreme but my environment totally affects my mood so each room here has to look as magical as it possibly can the ones that don’t are the ones I never enter. G’s office – no go zone!

Here are some quick fix tips to bring your pad stylistically up to date:

Paint popcorn ceilings out dark! We have and you know what you don’t even notice especially if your going dark everywhere else. No need to re skim, re plaster just get up a ladder and plonk on a load of paint it’s as simple as that and it will save you a fortune!

Expand a small kitchen by doing two game changing things. Change up the backsplash to something mirrored and add an island. If the space is super small add a rolling cart.  Having something in the middle of a small space immediately makes it look way more interesting. Promise!

Refresh everything with paint. It takes all but a few hours and has magical powers the minute it touches walls, doors, floors and furniture.

Create actual conversational areas. Not an area just around the TV, but little nooks for hunkering down and reading a novel, a recipe, writing an email it creates such a crazy vibe.

Introduce fragrance; pot pouri, essential oils, scented candles. It instantly makes rooms feel beautiful and lifts the spirits. My latest obsession Mad et Len lava infused rocks and amber balls. When I was in Paris and in various apartments this week many of the homeowners had these and I’m ordering some for moi, the scent was intoxicating kind of woody and unlike anything I’ve smelt before!

Add as many plants and flowers as you dare.  They add vivacity to a room. I won’t tell you how many I have for fear that you may think I’ve overdosed but I’m looking around and I want to say 11 possibly a few more in my studio!

Fabric-fy your walls. Stay with me here but I’m thinking of applying fabric more specifically velvet to one wall. Paris has affected me greatly; I saw fabric (actual fabric as opposed to wallpaper) on the walls and fell in love. From hessian (super cheap) to wool it’s a fab thing. I’m thinking of up scaling and applying a sort of faux fur ish velvet – mad do you think? As long as it doesn’t feel seedy nightclub ish it should work. I’m going to buy a bolt and try shall keep you posted. From September I’m moving the school downstairs to my studio area with this newly planned velvet wall.  it could be quite cool and I like the idea of a fire gently crackling in the grate whilst I teach. Talking of Design School our last one before we break for summer is next Saturday and we have two spaces left if anyone fancies coming along last minute!

Back later with the biz column see you then!