This is a fun post and one close to my heart – I’m debunking some of the myths that crop up when it comes to painting out things dark. When you want to go dark, all of a sudden all sorts of people will chip in with their opinions. Decorators tell you that you should only use cheaper paint brands (so frustrating, and a definite no-no!!), friends and family look aghast and tell you that you will hate it, neighbours offer “helpful” advice like ‘Oh no, black would be so dingy and depressing’. Stick to your guns! Believe me when I say that you are on the right track. You’re about to create magic, transform your pad and how it makes you feel, and all the nay-sayers will have serious house envy! Just wait and see how many people end up copying you. Zillions I’m telling you.
I know it can be scary to go to the dark side, so I wanted to help out by answering some of your usual questions. Here’s the dark hues FAQs that I get most often – from journalists, customers, blog comments and across social…

Don’t dark colours feel depressing?

Nope! Or at least, it depends on you. Colour is totally personal. For me, black is actually the ultimate mood-lifter. It’s atmospheric, moody, cool and comforting at the same time. It makes me feel cocooned and enveloped, and instantly elevates everything in the room to look way cooler and more expensive! You do have to nail the lighting scheme if you go dark though, there’s no way of creating the right atmosphere otherwise.
Everything appears more lush, more dramatic and oh so much cooler. Oh and you don’t just have to listen to me – Farrow & Ball actually told me that they’ve seen sales sky rocket after we painted our house in Downpipe years ago, and they’re continually introducing more dark hues to their palette.

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