Vignettes are the perfect little touch to any table, console, mantelpiece, windowsill, shelf… anywhere around the home in fact that needs a little extra something. Consequently there are no empty surfaces at all in my pad, they’re all styled up! Vignettes really are a must for me. Too many empty surfaces or things shut away behind closed doors read like a big yawn in my book.

If you want your pad to look like a pro’s been at work, then listen up. There’s a foolproof 5-step system that I reckon really will work anywhere in your home. Here goes…


All vignettes need tall accent pieces, otherwise they look too itty-bitty and one-dimensional. I always start with these pieces first, because they anchor the whole vignette. Here a lamp, sculpture, mirror and anglepoise are evenly spaced across the space. Candlesticks and vases are also great for this – anything that adds visual interest is what we are after here.


Artwork really sets the tone, so add these pieces in now! I use artwork all the time – even with bookcases I’ll hang the odd painting on the outside of the shelf, or prop it on a stack of books – it adds instant vitality.


It’s essential to add in pieces that are sculptural, curved, rounded or organic. It breaks up all those boring straight lines and makes your vignette look way more intellectual and considered actually. Two round vases do the trick here. Bonus points because they also call back to the rounded base of the parrot lamp, and the hues and texture of the sculpture. Getting there!


I know I say this a lot but greenery adds instant life to your shelves and your interior – I am the hugest fan. Just look how transformative it is! This is when it really starts to come together for me. Every shelf or mantle in my pad has something green or flowering on it, any vignette feels so bare and sterile without them I find.


This is when you step back and take a look at the vignette as a whole. Are there any gaps that need filling? Is the colour palette balanced properly? These are the little tweaks that brings it all together and wraps it up in a bow.

For me, metallics are always a must-have and there just weren’t enough going on before. Problem solved by plonking down my new crocodile tray and two bronze Panama vases. Then there was just one tiny gap left by the Anglepoise – just right for a teeny vase and t-light votive. This is also the time to check that there’s a good dynamic between tall and short objects, and the overall visual flow. Nailed it!


So there you have it, the whole process. I promise these 5 steps will work anywhere. So just pick a spot in your home that’s looking a little lacklustre and could do with some vignette magic. Then gather together your favourite artwork and objects from around your pad, and give it a go. Let me know how you get on!