It’s a busy day today. I’m shooting my fall collection of products for Debenhams (some of my favourite lights yet I have to say), plus the most amazing flocked animal head! Cannot wait to show you guys! Also the new table is arriving for my studio today with a few other deliveries like the coolest occasional gold table on the planet.  I have to keep my professional hat on and not jump up and down when deliveries start arriving to the house  (I’ve redirected them from the warehouse because this gold table is to die for at the same time as having a photo shoot). It was meant for the store but hey I love it too much its coming here! By the time the weekend arrives I want to be in the furniture positioning stage with this room which leads me perfectly to todays post.

We all want comfortable, welcoming, drool worthy living rooms right? Not a hard thing to pull off actually as so much of it comes down to how you arrange the furniture believe it or not, you can visit this Website to get some ideas.

We ask a lot from our living rooms wanting them to feel squishy yet glam for those invite the friends over nights to book club evenings where you just want to hunker down with a good tome! Our living rooms are our social hubs. I relax in mine but I also trot downstairs when my shoulders begin to ache and work on the laptop snuggled up. That  space has a lot of double dutying to do. It has to look cool but it also has to be practical and inviting.

Getting the furniture in the proper position believe it or not means your half way there actually to making a space feel welcoming.

Where to position your furniture?

Where you group your furniture depends on your focal points. A focal point is something that grounds the room like say a fireplace, windows or something else architectural. It can also be the TV of course but the trick is figuring out what your focal point is and then arranging the pieces around that.  Having said that don’t just feel restricted to having a furniture arrangement in that one spot, I’ve got reading nooks all over the house and it actually makes the space even more intriguing. Once you’ve determined the feature orientate the seating towards it.

Add a table or two

Wherever you position your sofa and chairs add a table or tables.   I’m not just talking coffee tables I’m talking side tables with lamps – spots  where you can put a drink, a book even.  Do not worry about the height of the table all those rules you learn are rubbish if you’re table is smaller or bigger than a typical side table that in my book is a good thing. Playing around with scale, according to Reviewbrewery, is one of the most transformative things you can do ever!

Straight on

Traditionally most people place the sofa (the largest piece in the room) opposite the focal point with the other pieces angled in the same kind of direction. Reason being the grouping is nice and intimate and everyone can see the crackling fire or the TV. You can add to this grouping with impromptu stools, poufs, chairs which you can pull in whenever guests come over.


I’m not the hugest fan of sectionals (personal obviously) even less so when I see them pushed into the corner of a room. Super claustrophobic! Pull them away from the walls and create some flow. This goes for all sofas actually try putting a console behind with lamps – it’s a game changer.

Face off

Another traditional way of arranging furniture is face to face – a sofa opposite two chairs say with the focal point up one end. I quite like this arrangement; it means no one has a direct view of the focal point and its good for yabbering, reading working on a laptop, chilling.
The best trick I can give you is try re-arranging and repositioning . Cannot tell you how many times our super heavy George Smith sofa has gone  over the balcony to the lower ground floor with an army of men getting more and more frustrated as I’m like “do you think we could take it upstairs again so I can just try something’!