I  subscribe to zillions of interiors magazines around the world. Each month they plop through the letterbox and pile up on my desk  and then often right at the end of the day when my eyes are tired of looking at the screen I retreat to one of my fireside chairs and leisurely read through. Real living,  an Australian mag is one of my fav reads.  Beautifully shot, amazing styled,  it’s also accessible and relaxed. I am a big fan!

Recently they did a fab feature on 70’s style , a style I am pretty obsessed with.  I reference the 70s a lot when I’m designing from far out colour palettes to some pretty crazy design shapes.   Think warm earthy tones, some seriously funky colour combos coupled with that handcrafted vibe, love!  I would say the trick in making it work for today is not to go overboard and all out 70’s rather embrace it in a subtler kind of way.

So what do you think do you fancy embracing an inner 70’s vibe in your pad? Here’s how:

Overdose on pattern

A lot of us are scared by pattern but you’ll be amazed when you reign in the colour palette just how easily you can mix more patterns than you ever thought possible. Check out the bedspread with the wallpaper in the slide show. Now I know many of us aren’t going to especially decorate like this BUT it’s a fab example of how you can blend more patterns than you thought right? It all comes down to  restricting that palette to a few hues!

Add some wibbly wobbly pieces

Wibbly wobbly throw you own looking ceramics were all the vibe back then and I particularly love the relaxed vibe. I’ve got similar style lamp bases in my pad they look as if I’ve just come back from my local pottery class but that is the whole the point!

Go Artisanal

Anything that feels hand crafted, sewn, knitted, hand thrown, painted lends an endearing hand crafted appeal to your space. It’s like its got a hidden narrative written within, the pieces tell a story and thus add a whole different layer to your interior.

Credits: All images Real Living